Actuarial Education

We provide individual and group tutoring for the IAAust's 3A and 3B general insurance subjects.
Each tutorial provides:

  • Technical content e.g. the underlying assumptions of the PPCI model
  • Practical use e.g. when does the PPCI break
  • Simple principles to apply e.g. to choose the correct model compare the process to the model's assumptions, and also compare the data to that expected by the model 
  • Exam technique e.g. simple rules for how to answer a "what further information would you ask for" question 
  • Homework - students learn better when they get regular and frequent feedback from that is linked to practising the new skills that they are learning

Our approach of teaching general principles, exam technique and providing regular feedback to students has resulted in higher than average exam pass rates and rankings for our students. Here is what our students have to say:

  • "I found your tutorial really helpful. You made me realise what I didn't know and helped me focus more on the key concepts."
  • "Thank you for your tutoring. Without it, I doubt I would have used the principles based approach to answering questions."
  • "I like the structure of the tute! It certainly did work well for many of us"